Kelly Handsome”4yrs no album na Kennis Dey Spoil Ma Career oh!!”



He is always in the news either for the good or “bad” reasons..But love or hate him,he is unarguably one of the most talented young man of his generation..A singer, producer and a showbiz personnel of the highest order..Four years ago,he took the music industry with a storm with his mega hit “Maga don pay”..An instant hit across the African country..The song became another national anthem,not with the fantastic media hype and airplay it received courtesy Kennis Music which happened to be his label then..It was like a marriage made from heaven and the young man was on his way to becoming one of the biggest revelations in the music industry..Just like a comet, the bubble burst and out of no where,rumours started spreading like wild fire..That the once rosy relationship between him and his label has grown cold like the night charcoal. Mega was not paying again, the music no longer receive airplays,videos were practically non existing on TV..Was that the beginning of the end?.Well, we caught up with the man in the middle of the whole crisis and he opened up on lot of things and why his career has taken such a nose dive..Let’s get to meet Kelechi Orji aka Kelly Hansome

CKN Nigeria:Kelly how you dey?
Kelly: Am fine sir,good morning
CKN Nigeria:How come every one is saying that you are a very stubborn person?
Kelly:That’s not true’s just that I am a very principled person and when people fall below my expectation or we don’t seem to agree on certain things, they term that as stubborness.Every created human being has his principle which guides him, We are bound to have our differences but at the end of all, this should be settled in the most honorable manner.
CKN Nigeria: What’s the issue with you and Kennis Music, we’ve heard lots of stories and as we know, you have not released an album in four years now, that’s too long for an artiste.
Kelly: You are right sir, it’s a big battle..After my recording which was marketed and promoted by kennis music (Maga don pay), I was told by my music management that the album was not a commercial success and that I ll have to pay Kennis N6.5m as the balance of shooting the videos for the album.
This to me was outrageous…I begged that they should let me pay the amount gradually through the proceeds of my next albums which several other marketers have agreed to release .My recording company refused and said until I pay off the whole debt, I cannot work with any other person.
CKN Nigeria:You mean you have not been able to release an album in 4 years?
Kelly:Yes I have not released a single album because of this. They have tied me down..They have written to all marketers not to do business with me. They have asked radio and television stations not to use my works.
I have released over twenty songs on the internet and Youtube but there is where it stops. Nobody makes money from online music,so I am stucked.It’s not that I cannot go ahead to release an album but I want the issue settled amicably.So many marketers are ready to pay me millions of naira for my album but they want a release letter from Kennis Music.I have even asked them to give me the release letter, once I get the money from the marketers, I ll pay off their debt of N6.5m.
I have even taken so many people to them to beg them including my uncle but it’s like they have made up their mind about me which is unfair. The producer of the video in USA told me how much he used in shooting the video, it’s not the amount they are quoting (am ready to send you the receipt).
CKN Nigeria: So what is Kennis Music asking you to do now?.
Kelly: They asked me to enter into another contract with them, 7 years, 4 albums since they alleged the first album was not a commercial success, this I will never do.
CKN Nigeria:Away from Kennis,why did you slap a journalist and post his naked picture online?
Kelly:That again is a story taken out of context..What happened was that  I went to a studio somewhere in Surulere to record a song,while there I came across one entertainment paper called Entertainment Now,where it was written that I now go around begging for movie roles since my music career has nose dived.They were even specific,they wrote that I was seen at an event on Billings way Oregun ,Lagos begging Jennifer Eliogu to assist me with movie roles.
That was the most ridiculous story anyone could write about me. I made contact with the magazine and lured the writer to come and see us. We dragged him to the police station where he was interrogated.
CKN Nigeria:How did you come about his picture in under wears?.
Kelly:That was while he was been interrogated, he was even recorded on video. Part of the settlement was that he will not only retract the story but also take care of the running expenses incurred with the taxi driver who was taking us around.
When we thought that has been settled, he now went back to say I kidnapped him and even asked for ransom.
Now, we have decided to charge him to court, the case is now in court..Let’s see how this plays out.
CKN Nigeria: So what’s your next plan music wise?.
Kelly: I want Kennis Music to give me my release letter so that I can move ahead with my life. I cannot be able to pay them if I am tied down..I no  play corporate shows (where the real money is) because of this problem. The little shows I play here and there cannot make me pay them.Moreso,I recorded the album myself, I was living good in America ,with my album already released .They only shoot the videos and gave it the promotional push..I am the first son of my family; I need to move ahead with my life in order to play my role.
I was once with Myke Records owned by Evang Myke Ikokwu,I know how much he spent on us and never held us to ransom.
If Kennis Music says the album was not a commercial success, then let them give me back my master tape so that I can do what I like with it.
Please baba (CKN),I know how powerful  you are in the industry, please help me beg Kennis music not to destroy my life and career any further.
CKN Nigeria: Thanks Kelly for you time.
Kelly:Am grateful baba.
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