Vic. O- Rock star

Here is a write up about the song, you can post this or part of it as you see fit.

Hate Him or Love Him, Vic. O remains one of the most popular artistes in the diaspora. He is also one of the most talked about artistes online, especially on twitter, and he has been able to carve a niche for himself on the Nigerian Music scene, and he (surprisingly) has a lot of fans *deep sigh*

D’Ace is a relative new comer on the Music scene and he hits us with this (Vic.O inspired??) track titled ‘RockStar (A Vic.O jam)’ *LOL!!!* which is a cover of MGK’s smash hit single ‘WildBoy’. It is a really funny song and be ready to laugh your head off…for real!

Nice effort from D’Ace, a graduate of the University of Ibadan, who does well to deliver a nice jam. Although a funny track, dont get carried away, D’Ace is a good rapper! Check out his impressive flow, catchy lyrics, confidence and impressive delivery on the first and second verses,nice stuff!

He certainly took some veiled shots at Vic. O, but is this a diss track? Download, Listen and share your thoughts.


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