Cowards in studio booths’ – BY THeVYRus

Nigerian artistes and musicians are bastards and coward!!!
Wait! Wait! Wait! I knw y’all wld say here we go again, he’s up wit his bullshit…but listen!
I miss Fela, Fela Kuti! He is one of my role models…quite fearless! D last musician dat dared smtn cloz to wt Fela did all his life was Edris Abdulkareem n he had it hot n mvd bk to his comfort zone.
Fela was a legend cuz he fought n spoke 4 d masses thru his music, no matter how bad is sounded. But see em bastards these days forming gangsta on videos wit no balls likes of modenine wit d line ‘say it to my face n I’ll knock ur front teeth out’ terry tha rapman ‘if I say I’ll kill u its nt a threat bt a promise’, terry g ‘call me lucifer’ 2face ‘I no dey look uche face’ and many oda lines these guys spit on songs forming big balls n shit. Timaya, nico gravity, kelly handsome n m.I. Greasy talks wit no balls wn d govt shit on our face! Nobody says shit! January GoodLuck increased fuel price, I ddnt hear any song against dat, only flavour’s song telln us to tk hrt, nobody said shit!! Now dey imposing 5000 naira note on us again, n yet nobody’s talkin, instead dey busy tellin us shits like ‘I bad tony montana’ who? Dbanj or naeto c? Sissy modafuckas dat hvnt pulled a trigger b4, talkn shit. Always telln us abt hw dey case women n pop free champagne, who wanna hear bout dat? We got serious issues mayne, n u’ll always mkin stupid songs like ‘tk bannana till u go yoo’ imagine! Cowards n bastards!! Plss sm1 shd go bring fela bk…we need his help nw! I rest my case! And 4 d musicians on my Friends list if u dnt wanna say smtn meaningful on ur songs…dnt be sendin me B.C of links to songs on hw u chykd gals, poped beer bottles n how u’v blown up n still dnt hv a retirement fund…
say wteva u wanna…iv said my piece

Posted By HuzzleINC.

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