Kenya west to Cancel D’banjs Record Deal if he doesn’t reconsile with Don Jazzy

D'banj and Kenya and Don Jazzy

D’banj and Kenya and Don Jazzy

Dbanj and Don Jazzy not only gave us one of Africa’s most prominent record label ‘MoHits’,  they also gave us popular tunes which made us dance such as “Tongolo”, “Scape Goat”, and recently “Oliver Twist” among others. But just like nothing is permanent in life, so was their once robust relationship which was the cynosure of all eyes in the industry until they’d one of the most dirtiest and publicized ‘break up’ yet.
Don Jazzy went onto create a new group known as the MAVINS with Wande Coal, Dr. Sid, D’Prince and Tiwa Savage while Dbanj also formed DB Records with his brother K-Switch and producer Jay Sleek signed on. Now all that cold war seems to be nearing an end if the efforts of maverick producer and grammy award winning American rapper, Kanye West is anything to go by.
According to the latest edition of City People Magazine, “Kanye West, believed to be at the center of the controversy that led to their fight is making efforts to reconcile them…Kanye West was unaware of the fight between D’Banj and Don Jazzy until 3 months ago and has been trying to get them together.”
while he was in the studio with D’Banj some weeks back working on the remix of “Scapegoat” he brought the topic up again and asked D’banj why Don Jazzy was not in the US with him working on the song. D’Banj was said to have told him that they are still friends but work on different platforms now. Kanye was said not to be happy about the fact that his name was in the internet as one of the reasons the duo fell apart. He insists they get back together if he has to keep working with D’banj. He prompted D’Banj to once again try and make up with Don Jazzy.
“Recently D’Banj invited Kanye West to come to Nigeria for the video shoot of “Scape Goat” remix he did with Kanye. Kanye accepted but gave a strict condition that he will come only after he must have reconciled with Don Jazzy who must also be in the video.” According to City People, after several attempts by D’Banj, Don Jazzy eventually agreed to appear in the video on the condition that he’s paid an appearance fee which wasn’t the norm before their split.

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