Iyanya’s Manager – Ubi Franklin accused of fraud by artiste

Relatively new artiste Supersonic has accused Iyanya’s manager – Ubi Franklin of defrauding him of $500. Artiste claims that Ubi acted as a rep for the website and he paid the sum for an advert which was never delivered. The artiste send an email explaining the entire ordeal.
Content of the email arrived with a picture of the deposit slip read:
The name Ubi franklin might not instantly ring a bell, buy at the mention of Iyanya and notjustok, the names read meaning. Ubi Franklin is the manager of the ‘Kukere’ crooner Iyanya, and also a co-owner of the reputable music site notjustok.com. Ubi Franklin who is a representative of notjustok.com, we gathered is in the bad book of many new arrivals and upcomin acts due to many issues, but he got this wrong when he was approached by the ‘Ebeano’ crooner Supersonic Blaze, a Nigerian act doing well in the Arab world, Dubai to be precise, and also enjoying massive airplay in Nigerian mixtapes and radios.
Supersonic blaze, who approached Ubi franklin for an advert on notjustok.com became a victim of his scam after he was billed $500 which he paid. (bank teller available), and a good job was promised. After several months, nothing pertaining to Supersonic was featured on the site, and contact was made with Ubi who gave several reasons for this and requested a 10 working days ultimatum which he was given. It was at this point that his calm manager Wale Applause came in as a third party and witness to the issue.
Supersonic blaze and Wale Applause both believed Ubi again and obliged to his request after which they waited patiently. A couple contacts were made to him during this 10 working days and he again confirmed that work was going on, but at the end of the given time, absolutely nothing was done. At this point, the ‘Ebeano’ crooner got furious and made contacts with the reputable Ovie who was obviously disappointed with the mode of things and promised immediate rectificaton. As promised by Ovie, another representative from the United states put a call to Supersonic blaze in Dubai, asking him to send his song to a stated email address.
Ubi Franklin who goes around boasting about how he picked up iyanya from the gutter and how he’s the king at notjustok, and also a king pin in the Nigeria Music industry is reported as a lover of money. In a 5minutes conversation, Ubi will tell you how he brough Iyanya who was at Calabar at the time to Lagos, how he used to feed, house and cloth him. All these even if they happened in our view should be kept discreet. Good artiste managers don’t go around town making stories about how they made talents stars.
Reports reaching us states that Ubi Franklin was ordered by Ovie to make a refund which got him furious as he put a threat to Supersonic Blaze’s career in Nigeria. In his last conversation with Supersonic, several curse and swera word were used by him as he on a final note put a threat to the ‘Ebeano’ crooner’s musical career. Good managers also don’t do this.
Although this obviously did not get to Supersonic as his music keeps doing well in clubs and shows in Dubai, making the Arabs groove to the Nigerian hiplife version of music. He has ever since even attended more shows than ever and his song Ebeano is now doing well in Nigerian mixtapes and radio station.
It is not in our duty to talk about the song Ebeano, but in one sentence, the song is the next big thing, very different from the conventional, so we see no reason why Ubi should put a threat to a hardworking man’s career, probably Iyanya’s Kukere success has gotten into his head.
There are sveral documents and conversations to show that this really happened and our plight is that issues like this which is becoming more rampant in the music industry should stop and we implore all artistes to be careful of wom they deal with as so many big names go around with the aim of exploitation.

Posted By HuzzleINC.

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